5 Smarter Ways to Search for Jobs

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In this age of a more competitive job market, job seekers like you need to keep up with how you do your job search. However, ensuring you use your time wisely and put your best foot forward as a job candidate can be challenging if you don’t know where to start.

So, what should you do to become a better and smarter job seeker? Read on and heed these smarter ways to find a new job.

Reach out to your connections for referrals.

If you still haven’t tried networking, you might be missing out on a lot of opportunities out there. Building relationships with your current connections lets you know more about what field they’re in, what roles they take, and who might be part of their network.

Also, check out your list of friends and acquaintances on your social media accounts and other platforms. You might be able to land on a name or two who can introduce you to their connections, who can then offer or refer job openings you might be interested in.

Diversify your job hunting efforts.

For a smart job search, you must also use your time wisely as you go on searching for the job you can or want to take on. That said, use reputable job search platforms and online sites for your applications, aside from just contacting companies directly. Also, don’t wait for an immediate response from your target company before you send out a job application to other employers. Actively look for other opportunities so that you have a ready line-up of potential job interviews.

Further, you may also take advantage of virtual career fairs being held through teleconferencing or social media platforms. These can be beneficial if you prefer to discover other job openings in the comfort of your own home.

Maximize social media.

Recruiters now utilize social media platforms to pool potential job candidates, most especially because more and more are using social media on a daily basis. Having said this, why don’t you leverage your accounts as one of the smarter ways to find a new job?

Prepare and optimize your social media profiles such as LinkedIn and Facebook since these may also serve as your online resume. Some recruiters browse candidates’ social accounts for a quick background check, so it’s better for you to maintain a professional online image.

Have back-up plans.

Also, one of the smarter ways to search for jobs is to make sure you have enough prospective employers in your pipeline. Like how you should commit full-time to your job, you must also dedicate more time and effort to planning and mapping out your job search and career goals.

That said, make it a habit to always include back-up plans in your job search efforts. 

Continue improving yourself.

While being unemployed or in a job you want to get out of, you can find time to acquire new skills, improve your craft, and keep on investing in yourself. Doing these don’t just help you grow as an individual, but also lets you improve your edge as a job candidate.
With all these, do you think you’re ready for a new job? Let Bossjob guide you and be your partner for your career goals! Browse for more career advice and job openings to see what’s in store for you.

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