Careers That are Most In-Demand Right Now

It’s undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic brought so many changes not just in our personal lives, but also in the way we do work. While some were able to retain their current jobs, not all were fortunate enough to keep their career paths steady amidst the pandemic.

On the brighter side, some are finding light on considering other fields and industries. That said, let’s look at the most in-demand careers and industries nowadays.


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for healthcare workers has always been high. Aside from job openings in hospitals and clinics, these professionals are also needed in corporate and other private sectors. These include registered nurses and clinicians, among others.

Further, pharmacists are also in high demand since drugstores and pharmacies are considered essential businesses. These professionals are also crucial in giving supporting advice and recommendations regarding health supplements and OTC medicines. With the rising demand, take a look at the growing list of Healthcare jobs on Bossjob.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

As more and more consumers become present online, businesses and organizations take on the online world to cater to more audiences. With this, careers related to the digital marketing field remain in-demand since businesses need to invest in hiring professionals who can help them target online consumers more effectively.

Professionals and creatives who take on roles in this industry are in charge of maintaining and managing businesses’ social media presence and digital marketing strategies. Their tasks include advertising through online platforms, websites, search engines, mobile apps, and email. Further, they also produce materials, ads, and campaigns while building brand visibility and community engagement.

Explore Digital Marketing jobs on Bossjob, including digital marketer, graphic designer, multimedia artist, content strategist, social media manager, content writer, copywriter, and SEO specialist, to name a few.


As more and more businesses go online, there’s a rising need for people to take on jobs to ensure proper delivery and enough stocks of consumer goods. Some of the most in-demand careers now are those that involve goods transportation from place to place, including delivery riders and truck drivers.

There are job roles in Logistics are also rather essential such as supervisors, dispatchers and quality control personnel.

Tech in Customer Service and Virtual Assistance

With companies and organizations considering outsourcing their services, this has opened more doors for tech in Customer Service, and Virtual Assistance roles. Also, a lot of virtual assistants work remotely, a kind of work setup that attracts job seekers and employees who prefer working at home.

Since a lot of transactions and business processes take place online, VAs for customer service and even tech professionals become part of the most in-demand careers nowadays. For online-based services such as e-commerce, chat support and customer service reps became more common due to the increasing demand.

At this point, you may have realized how beneficial it is to consider pursuing careers that will always be in demand. However, you must also take your passion and purpose in your personal and work life to know what path you really want to take on.

Considering applying for a job in any of these fields? Kickstart your career with Bossjob! Let our career guides serve as your go-to resources to snatch your target job and achieve your career goals.

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