Top 5 Skills Hiring Managers and Employers Look For

There are instances wherein hiring managers and employers are putting a heavy focus on the hard skills a job candidate must have. However, it’s also important to note that they also consider other factors in determining which candidates to interview and hire. These include the candidates’ employability skills, which refer to their set of skills, qualities, and attitudes essential for the workplace.

So, instead of delving into what hard skills employers look for in a job candidate, we’ll talk about transferable or soft skills. Read on!

1. Communication

Employees must be able to listen and interpret what is being asked of them as well as effectively communicate with others. Common skills in communication include writing, speaking, listening, and negotiating.

2. Teamwork

While this is one of the most cliché skills employers look for, being able to work with others professionally despite differing work styles and viewpoints may be challenging. Not all people are versatile enough to deal with others most especially if values and beliefs are involved. So, career consultants and hiring managers see this skill as a critical one in the workplace.

3. Self-management

Employees are a part of an organization working with other individuals. So, whether you’re directly collaborating with other employees or you’re seen as a part of a bigger group, being able to manage your own role with little to no supervision is also one of the top skills employers look for. This involves working on time and knowing how to prioritize tasks to name a few.

4. Learning and adaptability

As they say, change is the only constant thing in the world. With that, job candidates like you must be aware that learning and adaptability skills are an essential part of job search.

These skills enable you to learn and absorb new things, which is crucial to adapt to certain work environments and professional situations you need to deal with. Further, businesses and organizations need to keep up with the ever-changing trends in their field, so having employees who are competitive and competent enough can contribute to their overall success.

5. Strong work ethic

Having a strong work ethic is also one of the intangible skills hiring managers and employers look for in a potential employee. Of course, companies and organizations would want to hire people who they can trust to perform their duties well and manage their work effectively.

On a final note, it’s still best for you to stay true to yourself as a job seeker and as a human being. Fooling yourself that you have certain skills when you really don’t will only cause you more harm than good. One better way for you to better fit your target employers’ qualifications is to invest in yourself! Learn new things, improve your craft, and focus on transferable skills that can help you become more versatile.
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