How to Make Your Resume Robot-Proof for Robo-Hiring

Robot-proof your resume

More and more organizations are considering the use of artificial intelligence in their recruitment and hiring efforts. On that note, AI hiring or robo-hiring has been on the rise for years now. This tech aims to help business processes become more efficient and onboard talents who are more qualified for job roles.

For job seekers, this is something to consider in preparing for their job hunt. With the systems and standards that AI follows, how can you ensure that your resume beats robots?

Before anything else, let’s see why companies use AI in hiring. Typically, the benefits of this include:

  • HR tasks automation for faster business processes
  • More efficient and qualified candidate screening

Even before hiring managers get to see your resume, AI scans and filters hundreds and thousands of job applications. With that, a lot of documents are being thrown into the reject pile. To overcome that hurdle, you need to have a resume that’ll help you secure that job interview. Now, you may ask: How do I get my resume past the robots?

Heed these techniques for you to build an AI-friendly resume and boost your chances for a successful job search!

1. Don’t overdo it.

Since AI used in screening resumes searches for certain keywords and phrases, some job seekers tend to overuse them and make their resume look too good to be true. Every system is different, so make sure it won’t appear that you’re just simply “beating the system” when you’re applying.

Instead, only include relevant resume keywords that are applicable to your professional experiences and goals.

2. Tailor-fit your resume to your target role.

While it’s tempting to create a template resume that you can use for multiple applications, it’s still better to have it tailored to the specific role you’re aiming for.

What you can do is review the job descriptions of the positions you intend to target, and align how you’ll write your resume with those. This will help you include buzzwords that are relevant to your skills and experiences, which shows the hiring manager that you’re fit for the role.

3. Be keen on formatting!

Take note that it’s not enough for you to simply have a “neat” layout of your resume. Again, it also boils down to the effectiveness of your writing and how targeted it is for the role.

Further, always ask or research what file format is asked for when you apply. Companies require differently, so make sure you submit your robot-proof resume using the correct one.

4. The basics in resume writing still apply.

Aside from optimizing your robot-proof resume, it’s still best for you to apply the fundamentals in effective resume writing.

As much as possible, have someone check and give feedback on your resume. Ask a friend, a colleague, a peer, or a career coach who can provide an honest and informed opinion regarding your resume. There may be something important you missed that could help your application a lot better.

Ready for the Next Step?

Being equipped with a robot-proof resume is a huge step in upgrading your job search journey, but still, it’s only one of the first steps you must take. 
Sooner or later, you’ll have to face the more challenging phases of your job hunt. With that, browse through our job interview tips to brush up on your skills in securing that job! You may also want to try countless opportunities from Bossjob. Check out the open positions to see what’s in store for you!

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