10 Best Entry Level IT Jobs to Kickstart Your Tech Career

best entry level IT jobs
best entry level IT jobs

As technology plays an integral role in an organization, the demand for more IT professionals and experts to fill tech positions is continuously increasing.

If you want to try your shot in this field, it’s best for you to be familiar with the best entry level IT jobs you can consider. To help you decide, here are the 10 tech jobs you can take on to begin your career!

1. Computer technician

Serving as technical support of an organization, this IT professional helps team members in troubleshooting tech issues. Installing, maintaining, and updating tech equipment and systems also belong to a computer technician’s basic job duties.

Basic requirements: Knowledge of computer systems and network functions, great problem-solving ability, troubleshooting skills, organization and time management skills

Average salary: ₱100,000 per year

2. Computer operator

Managing the operation of computer hardware systems, computer operators are often required to control an entire mainframe with a single computer.  They specialize in network security and maintenance.

Basic requirements: Knowledge of computer functions, modern operating systems, and computer electronics; analytical and problem-solving skills, ability to work in high-pressure situations 

Average salary: ₱162,024 per year

3. Technical support specialist

This entry level IT job is one of the good positions to start with in the tech field. Tech support specialists are tasked to oversee and maintain computer hardware and software systems of an organization.

Basic requirements: Time management skills, knowledge of software maintenance and testing; can clearly present technical information, ability to design and implement networks

Average salary: ₱254,476 per year

4. Database administrator

Database administrators are responsible for managing and maintaining company databases to combat potential security breaches and ensure data integrity.

Basic requirements: Strong command of SQL and SQL server tools, understanding of relational and dimensional data modeling, knowledge of data and schema standards and concepts

Average salary: ₱528,215 per year

5. Network administrator

This IT professional is assigned to manage the day-to-day operations of an organization’s computer networks to ensure that systems are working at full capacity.

Basic requirements: Ability to set up and configure server hardware, familiarity with backup and recovery software and methodologies; organization and multitasking skills

Average salary: ₱245,533 per year

6. Front-end web developer

Tasked to implement visual elements that users see and interact with in a web application, front-end web developers specialize in website design.

Basic requirements: Understanding of key design principles and SEO concepts, knowledge of server-side CSS; proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and jQuery

Average salary: ₱392,330 per year

7. Software developer

The development, design, and implementation of new or modified software products or ongoing projects belong to the primary roles of a software developer.

Basic requirements: Ability to learn new technologies quickly, deep programming language knowledge, understanding of the software development life cycle

Average salary: ₱431,053 per year

8. Quality assurance analyst

A QA analyst develops and executes test plans to identify software defects and ensure whether the quality requirements are in line with the organization’s standards and policies.

Basic requirements: Strong attention to detail, problem-solving ability, analytical skills; knowledge of computers, electronics, and engineering principles

Average salary: ₱299,873 per year

9. Help desk analyst

As part of the frontline of customer support, help desk analysts help resolve technical issues that end users encounter. They also connect users with more intensive IT support if necessary.

Basic requirements: Computer skills, communication skills, organizational skills, customer service skills, basic knowledge of troubleshooting; must be analytical and can multitask

Average salary: ₱337,440 per year

10. Systems engineer

Systems engineers are responsible for managing and monitoring all installed systems and infrastructure. Further, they create and optimize computer systems.

Basic requirements: Cloud experience, scripting skills, networking knowledge, data architecture and programming proficiency, experience in the administration and performance of tuning application stacks

Average salary: ₱363,210 per year

Now that you know what entry level IT jobs you can consider, it’s time for you to prepare for your job search.

Landing Your Dream IT Job

Applying for the most in-demand IT jobs in the Philippines can get challenging if you don’t know where and how to start.

With more job seekers entering the field of tech, you have to keep up to stand out from the rest. Arm yourself with effective job search tips and career advice from us! You may also browse more available IT jobs in Bossjob and start applying for your desired positions today.

Average salaries quoted in this article is an estimate from PayScale.

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