Foreigners working in Japan : Why even try?

Despite its unique set of challenges, including cultural nuances and visa restrictions, Japan remains an enticing destination for international professionals seeking career growth and cultural immersion. In this post, we’ll explore the compelling reasons why taking the plunge into Japan’s workforce is worth it, despite the potential culture shock and bureaucratic hurdles. From unparalleled professional opportunities to personal growth and cross-cultural experiences, discover why working in Japan is a journey worth embarking on.

Working in Japan has many advantages

Japan is an aging society with a declining birthrate, and the number of foreigners in the labor force is increasing every year. The government and companies are desperate to attract foreigners by all possible means. Having foreigners working in Japan is a benefit to Japan. At the same time, it also brings great benefits to foreigners.

Adequate social security

Japan has a universal health insurance system. Foreign workers are covered by the same health insurance as Japanese nationals. This can dramatically reduce medical costs and provide great peace of mind in terms of health. In addition, commuting allowances are provided in Japan, so there is no need to worry about transportation costs. The transportation network, especially in Tokyo and Osaka, is among the best in the world. Isn’t it great to enjoy the best transportation for free?

Enthusiastic training programs and stable employment

In Japan, it is common to invest huge amounts of money and time in training and on-the-job training for new employees. For example, a new graduate may receive an excellent education at a training facility for a year. They may even have a training camp with specialized instructors. Based on the idea of thoroughly nurturing workers, the company gives them the opportunity to learn even if they don’t have the skills. In addition, Japan follows the “Labor Standards Law” and thoroughly protects workers’ rights. For example, workers are protected from harassment and any kind of unfair treatment, not to mention dismissal. Some people even claim that Japan has too many workers’ rights. As long as you are in Japan, your rights are guaranteed.

High service and salary levels

If you work directly with customers, such as in the hospitality industry, you will be surprised by Japan’s advanced customer service skills. From café clerks to flight attendants, the service is considered to be among the best in the world, and acquiring these skills is a great asset. Also, Japan is still the fourth largest economy in the world, despite its sluggish economy and the weak yen. Compared to other countries in the world, Japan is still the fourth largest economy in the world and can continue to offer stable and high salaries.

The Bottom Line

The Japanese government wants to ease immigration and working conditions for foreigners and actively accept them. Companies want foreigners. In other words, it is an opportunity for foreigners. So, what is the best way to seize the opportunity now? Even if you are a foreigner, there is a way to apply to Japanese companies, sometimes even faster than locals. Get your chance to find a job in Japan with Bossjob’s growing list of foreigner-friendly positions from our active employers.

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