6 Ways to Declutter Your Resume

If you don’t declutter your resume as often as possible, securing an interview invite for your dream job may seem a mirage. Of course, you need an interview to prove to hiring managers that you have the capacities needed to handle all the tasks required to function productively in a position to which you have applied. Your resume is the key to opening more doors of interview invites.

Truth is hiring managers don’t have the patience or ample time to try figure out the content of a resume that is not properly articulated. Therefore, if you don’t want your resume get thrown in the trash, you should make it a habit to always declutter your resume using the following 6 tips:

1. Define the industry and tailor your resume accordingly

Every niche is unique. Therefore, using a generalized resume for all the positions to which you’re applying aren’t good enough. Instead, you should study the job and tailor the content of your resume to sell yourself better. It’s important that you remove all information that are not relevant to the prospective job from your resume.

2. Add essential educational and technical skills

If you’ve acquired any educational or technical skill that is especially relevant to the job, you should add it to the resume as your unique selling point (USP). Let your resume reflect recent accomplishments and remove all those long time achievements that will no longer interest the employer. Do not clutter your resume with claims of your proficiency in Excel, PowerPoint or any other basic software programs that employers already expect you to know.

3. Leave off the references

In case you have amassed lots of experiences and skills relevant to the industry that you will love to showcase in your resume, then you should learn to prioritize. You can create more room to accommodate your more valuable experiences by removing the reference column. Just indicate to the employer that: “References are available upon request.”

4. Remove objective statements

Your skills and experience are what is of value to the employers, not your objective statement. Instead of writing a statement telling employers what you want in a job, it is more professional to create a concise summary of the value you’re bringing on board with a branding statement.

5. Remove hobby where not applicable

Your hubbies are not relevant to all jobs. So, it is not mandatory to include your hubby in your resume. You should only include a hobby in your resume if you think it will be relevant to the job for which you’re applying. If otherwise, adding a hobby to your resume is simply a waste of space.

6. Limit your resume to two pages

One thing you must do to effectively declutter your resume is to have it in mind that it won’t exceed two pages. This will help you limit the content of your resume only to those information that showcase your experiences, strengths and accomplishments with reference to the vacant position.

If you can adhere to these tips, you will be able to declutter your resume effortlessly and have a better chance of landing your dream job. 

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