Job Title vs. Salary: What is More Important?

The debate about what is more important between job title and salary is an ongoing one. Nearly every job seeker would want to make a consideration between these two factors as soon as they got an offer. The truth, however, is that these two variables play complementary roles in the life of a worker, and the importance of one over the other depends on individual’s needs and particular circumstance. 

In a nutshell, both job title and salary are important to your career growth. You need a job designation to build your career, while the salary you earn is important to your day-to-day survival. You only need to consider your unique situation to determine which of these two preferences should be of priority to you.

Thus, in order to help you choose the more appropriate option between job title and salary in any given situation, we’ve come up with some decision-guiding questions. You can apply the following questions whenever you’re faced with a job title/salary conundrum.

Is it more advantageous to take a job with a higher title or 10% more salary?

It is often said that money is not everything. But sometimes, it is all about money. Salary plays both survival and motivational roles in the life of a worker. So, you need to take a critical look at the option before you vis-a-vis your personal situation before making your decision. Do you think a mere higher title without a commensurate income can take you to the promise land? Think again! A 10% salary increment may help improve your condition than just a higher job title. The decision is yours to make. Choose wisely!

Will a higher job title with lesser income bring a more promising future?

What about earning less now, but with a more promising future outlook? Having a higher job title can open more doors of opportunities than lower positions. Being in a higher position makes it easier for you to meet more people in decision-making capacity in other establishments. You can easily get the right connection that will get you a job in a higher position in other companies with commensurate salary. This could mean more money for you later.

Is it possible to accept higher job title now, and then, a salary increase after performance?

Talk about eating your cake and still having it. This may depend on the situation before you. You can accept a higher job title now, and negotiate your way to a higher salary later. If you can prove your competence on the responsibilities that come with the new title, then you may be able to talk the management or business owner into increasing your salary to meet the new responsibilities. This can be a win-win for you!

Bottom Line

The debate about which is more important between job title and salary will continue to be there. But, the truth is that every situation presents different realities. The onus is on you to look at the circumstance surrounding your own situation and apply the 3 questions listed above to see which of the two alternatives will give you a better leverage.

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