5 Essential Skills You Need to Remain Employable

While it’s best to rest and stay at home this quarantine season, we must also take advantage of the free time we have. Whether you’re unemployed or not, learning new skills will help sustain your employability. 

Of course, it doesn’t always mean you have to go out and explore. Since technology and the internet both come in handy these days, we can learn while keeping ourselves safe from the current pandemic. You’re free to use whichever material works for you—from online courses to simple reading materials—the decision is yours.

To help you become the best version of yourself, we’ve listed the top 5 employability skills you need to master.

5 In-demand Skills You Need to Have

1. Versatility

How well can you manage your job? Since change is certain in a corporate setting, being adaptable helps out in many ways. Keeping abreast of the latest trends while devising effective strategies are among the jobs this skill entails. By learning how to handle different tasks at once, you’ll learn essential job skills like time management, too. 

2. Leadership

Contrary to popular belief, leadership does not revolve solely around control. Mentoring, teamwork, and accountability are subsets of leadership we cannot overlook. Through leading, you’ll learn not only how to exercise control but also to positively influence others as well.

3. Teamwork

In a company, collaboration between employees is essential to achieve the company’s goal. Each person is a key player in its success. That said, desirable results are achieved only if each employee has the same goal in mind.

4. Communication Skills

At work, you will face co-workers, vendors, and clients of all types. Building solid rapport with them will require good verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Unfortunately, cultivating strong communication skills does not happen overnight. Once you start to pay attention to your environment, you’ll know how to communicate effectively

5. Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is among the most sought-after skills in every industry today. Due to the everchanging trends, employers are on the lookout for individuals who can adapt and devise well-thought strategies. 

From jobseekers to employees, it’s safe to say that our fast-paced environment won’t allow us to stay put and be content with the skills we already possess. Businesses adapt to the rapidly changing trends—so should their workers. Acquiring new skills can make you a better employee and individual. Whether you’re at work or home, you can take advantage of these employability skills you have learned. Once you start bettering yourself with job skills that matter, you’ll attract the best employers out there. Gaining the skills mentioned above will surely propel your job-seeking process and equip you  for future challenges. 
Now, you’re all set! Through these marketable skills, you’ll definitely have a personal branding than before. However, bear in mind that thriving as an employee isn’t possible without personal development. Instill discipline and keep track of your personal growth, too. Let’s make the most out of this time to make ourselves better. Here are tips on how to search for a job during COVID-19.

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