5 Latest Tech Trends You Should Know About

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In a world wherein consumers and businesses are more immersed with the use of technology, innovations have become part of our daily lives. Since our needs and demands continuously evolve as well, it’s a must for tech to improve and progress as well. With that, what are the best tech trends and updates this 2020?


As we know it, artificial intelligence is one of the most innovative tech evolutions in this day and age. Businesses and organizations utilize AI to perform different processes and improve operations. Companies also maximize the potential of AI in enhancing customer experience and even in replenishing their client base.

With the current norm of companies and organizations sourcing out AI initiatives to a third-party service provider, we can’t deny how businesses are still exploring how designing and deploying their own AI-based systems can improve their operations in the long run.

Social Hiring

More and more recruitment efforts also happen online through social media platforms and other digital networks. As headhunters realize the use of social media to attract top talent and diversify their pool of candidates, social hiring is yet to become the norm as traditional processes are still in place. But really, how is technology used in recruitment?

Once recruitment criteria are set in place, employers must properly choose their sourcing and recruitment platforms. Each social media network caters to a specific demographic, so it’s a must for recruiters to identify their target candidate persona and leverage talent data to assess if they fit the company’s job requirements.

Computer Vision

Computer vision refers to systems that are able to identify places, objects, items, or people through visual images that are collected by sensors or cameras. For example, this is the tech that enables face recognition, which we use in controlling access to our smartphones.

However, one obvious downside of this innovation is its potential threat of privacy invasion and other security concerns. With that, more debates arise on limiting the use of this tech.

5G Data Networks

While 5G mobile data networks became available for the first time in 2019, they were still expensive and its availability was only limited to some cities and countries. This year, 5G is most likely to change the game, with more affordable data plans plus greatly improved coverage for more people to enjoy.

Predictive Analysis

Since more and more business processes are becoming assisted or even driven by AI, making decisions based on data becomes part of the norm in optimizing business models.

Predictive analytics rely on large volumes of data coming in, which help in creating smarter processes that have a huge impact on improving recruitment efforts. These data help recruiters and employers to source and filter qualified job candidates. Through this, AI hiring can help eliminate current hiring biases, hence avoiding employment discrimination.

Lastly, job seekers, employed professionals, and even employers must value the act of knowing the latest about technology, most especially when it comes to their career. Leverage these best tech trends to keep your career goals and actions intact and up-to-date!

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