10 Customer Service Phrases You Should Use and 5 to Avoid At All Cost

Bossjob 10 Customer Service Phrases You Should Use and 5 to Avoid At All Cost

One of the major principles in running a sustainable business is sticking to the basics. These include having quality customer service. With the ever-changing trends in consumer behavior, more and more businesses are putting more value on providing an unparalleled customer experience.

That’s why investing in highly skilled professionals in this field is a must. Customer service representatives play a crucial role in maintaining a business’s credibility, so it’s a big help to practice empathetic and positive language in dealing with customer concerns.

Importance of Positive Scripting

This practice can help ensure that a customer service representative is never lost for words or uncertain on how to steer any customer interaction. In short, positive scripting leads to a better service to customers through reinforced customer engagement, increased satisfaction, and reduced customer attrition rate.

How can you avoid using the wrong words or phrases that may upset customers or bring grave damage to the business? Start by knowing the good things to say to customers to ensure topnotch service!

Top 10 Customer Service Phrases You Should Use

1. “Your business means a lot to us.”

Making your customers feel special shouldn’t be such a new thing in your field. Reassure them that their business means a lot to the company. However, note that this can also come off as rude or too generic. Make sure your tone is genuine and that you really mean what you say!

2. “I understand how ___ that must be.”

Being able to practice empathy is one of the most vital customer service skills. Relate to how the customer feels about the issue or concern they’re raising.

3. “That’s a great question! I’ll find that out for you.”

If anything, customers will appreciate it more if you don’t just guess the answer to their concerns. Rather, find the exact solutions or answers they need.

4. “I appreciate you bringing this up to our attention.”

This makes your customers feel that they’re part of something that’ll help the business big time. With this, they’ll feel at ease during the conversation and can remain calm, too.

5. “We highly value your feedback!”

Apart from encouraging your customers to raise their concerns so that you can help solve them, one way to provide great customer service is to let them know that your company is committed to problem-solving.

6. “I can absolutely help you with that!”

This statement signals not just your enthusiasm to help address your customers’ concerns, but also your competence on behalf of the company. Always put yourself in the shoes of the customers: You’d want to be able to feel you’re in good hands, right? This customer service phrase will help you make them feel just that!

7. “Anything else I can help you with?”

Being able to provide the best customer experience means knocking out all customer concerns and issues in one smooth conversation. Having solved their main issue is great, but you can always go the extra mile and try to solve ancillary questions they might have, too. Doing this helps avoid future callbacks, and surely your customers (and superiors!) will appreciate it.

8. “Thank you!”

Seems like a very simple statement, right? Even so, it’s always a no-brainer to make your customers feel appreciated for taking the time to raise their concerns to help the company improve its service.

9. “How is your day going?”

A great way to help your customers feel at ease when talking to you is to break the ice. Build rapport more effectively by asking them how their day is going. This way, you’re also showing empathy and curiosity about your customers’ state of mind outside of just solving their main concerns.

10. “I’ve passed this on to our team.”

Nothing beats honest customer service. Acknowledging that a certain concern or issue is out of your expertise and that you’ll tap the right department to help address it is a good sign you’re delivering exceptional customer service.

Top 5 Customer Service Phrases to Avoid

1. “I’m sorry but I’m having a bad day.”

Let’s be real: We all have bad days! You and your customers know that well. However, as a customer service professional, your role is to make sure your customers never hear about them or how they are affecting you.

2. “You’re wrong with that.”

Businesses acknowledge the power of customers, and one wrong move can put all the company’s efforts down the drain. Even if the customers really are wrong about their issues or concerns, it’s best to not have this statement come out of your mouth. Instead, dissect the concern directly and help address it.

3. “Calm down.”

The contrary might happen if you use this customer service phrase. One better way to perform your role to help the customer “calm down” is to solve their issue, not by telling them how and what to feel.

4. “I’m not sure.”

It’s understandable if you’re uncertain about a lot of things! However, there are a million better ways to respond to your customers rather than risking the credibility of the company you’re representing.

5. “I can’t help you with that.”

This is one of the worst phrases you could ever utter in your customer service career. Apart from it being vague due to lack of context, it’s also regarded as rude. Do your best by reassuring your customers that you’ll help them find the best answers to their concerns!

With all these, you now have ample knowledge on how you can improve your skills in dealing with customers. Being familiar with the top customer service phrases you must use and avoid, are you ready to kickstart your customer service job search? Let Bossjob help you! Browse through our available customer service job openings. You may also check out more of our job search tips and career advice blogs to help you arm yourself as you prepare for the career success you aspire!

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