Tips for Following up After a Job Interview

You were able to answer the interview questions well and asked the right questions before you left the room. In short, you impressed the hiring manager. If you think you already made it, don’t be complacent. One wrong move in your follow-up can make you lose your chance of winning the offer. It’s like almost getting there but failing to do so because of one mistake. But if you don’t follow up, other candidates who did so will be seen more interested in the job. To give the hiring manager an extra push to choose you, here are the tips for following up after a job interview.

1. Follow up as soon as possible

Recruiters and hiring managers have a lot on their plate. Don’t be pesky in their hectic schedule. After your interview, it’s better to ask the hiring manager when you should expect a call from them. So if they say within 3 days, don’t follow up any day within that time frame. But it would be great to send a thank-you note within a day or two after the interview. If you still don’t receive an update from them after their given timeline, then you have to follow up immediately. On the other hand, if there’s no time frame given upon exiting the interview, allow 3-5 business days before following up. They might have additional candidates to interview after you.

2. Use the 3-paragraph format

When you follow up after a job interview, your professional email should be short but sweet. Let the hiring manager see your eagerness for the role while respecting their time to avoid sounding desperate. Here’s the format.
First Paragraph: Express your appreciation for taking the time to interview you and reiterate your interest in the position.
Second Paragraph: State the gist of your strengths to remind them how you can contribute to their company. 
Third Paragraph: Show you’re excited about working with them and you’re looking forward to becoming a part of their team, soon.

3. Keep in touch regardless of the outcome

Avoid bitterness when you receive a rejection letter. Some things might not turn out the way you expected it. However, not getting a “yes” now doesn’t mean you can never have it. It’s either you did something that ruined your job interview or there’s another candidate who is more qualified than you for that role. You might lack research or failed to be yourself in your job interview. There are other factors why you didn’t get the job. Whatever it is, you just have to continue improving your interview skills to prove your qualifications to other employers. But if that’s really your dream company, try to give another shot in the future to present the better version of yourself.

Job search doesn’t end after a great interview. You still need to make an effort to be at the top of their mind as their team evaluates all their candidates for the position. If you know how to follow up after an interview, you’ll be placing your profile in the forefront. In fact, even if you stumbled answering one of their interview questions, you can still make up for it by following up properly showing professionalism and genuine interest in the job. So, use these tips for interview follow-up to your advantage.

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Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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