Tips for Asking for Time to Consider a Job Offer

Imagine you were chosen for the role. Congrats, that’s an achievement. You won through their entire recruitment process. Now, that employer is waiting for your response to their job offer. They would like you to be in their team as soon as possible. But do you really see yourself in that position? Well, you might be interested in its duties and responsibilities, the reason why you applied for that job in the first place.

However, there were things you discovered during your interview that somehow confused you whether or not to accept the opportunity. But you don’t want to sound rude when you turn it down. Collect your thoughts first so you’ll be able to come up with a tactful response. Here are the tips for asking for time to consider a job offer.

1. Know their deadline

Thank them first for the offer before you ask until when they can expect your decision. Your potential employer might have an urgent requirement to fill the vacancy. If you let them wait for too long, that will cost them money. Not having that new employee in their team will slow down their operations. Even if they are not in a hurry to have that most suitable candidate in place, you still have to know their deadline. But don’t wait for that last day for you to respond to their offer. So even if you decline, they will appreciate your quick response. That will give them more time to find other qualified applicants.

2. Ask questions

Ask questions that are crucial to your criteria. Aside from the salary, clarify other things in the company such as medical benefits, allowances, vacation leave credits, and other perks. Knowing these matters will help you deal with multiple job offers. Asking the right questions will make your potential employer understand it would take time for you to come up with your final decision. But be quick to respond by doing it before their time limit.

3. Try to negotiate

Is it professional to negotiate on the salary in a job offer? Yes, if it’s done carefully and properly. There should be no hint of arrogance. Or else, you’ll lose the offer. It’s crystal clear that employers also assess the character, not just the competence. So if you are sure you want the role, be gentle when you bargain on the compensation package. You can also negotiate on your start date. Because if you’re currently employed, you need enough time to transition to a new company. This negotiation will make your employer see that you need time to consider their offer.

If you don’t get what you ask for, gracefully turn down the offer. Don’t make them feel they’re wrong to not agree with you on your salary negotiation. Be cautious in crafting an email to politely refuse the offer. Thank them for choosing you for the position and show them you really appreciate it. Tell them you’re still hoping to work with them in the future should there be a new opportunity.

If you know how to ask for time to consider a job offer, you’ll not jump to a hasty conclusion. So you need to think this through and view things from every possible angle. These 5 warning signs to look out for before accepting a job offer might help you with your decision.

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