What Recruiters Look For to Shortlist Candidates

Bossjob What Recruiters Look For to Shortlist Candidates

To boost your job search efforts, you must take steps to ensure you’ll be able to stand out from the other job candidates. Start by being familiar with what recruiters look for in an application. To better guide you, here’s a list of what you should take note of!

1. Suitability for the job

While organizations have different ways to screen applicants, there are still similar requirements they aim to meet with the candidates they shortlist. One thing is if an applicant is qualified enough for the job opening. This can be based on credentials, past experiences, skills, or even their potential to succeed in the role.

Also, there are recruiters who are firm with their standards of shortlisting candidates with a solid working history. Frequent job-hopping can be unfavorable for some, as this can mean the applicant isn’t able to work with a company in the long run. While other recruiters don’t really look at a candidate’s career trajectory as a major requirement, they still check for trends in your previous job descriptions to see if you have what it takes to fit the role you’re applying for.

2. Capacity to maintain professionalism

Two ways for a job candidate to do this are to be punctual and responsive during the hiring process. Respect the recruiter’s or interviewer’s time by being there (or meeting them online) in a timely manner. This can also be helpful if you’re aiming to leave a good first impression before hiring managers or recruiters.

Another thing you should note is that recruiters also focus on responsive job candidates. If you apply to jobs that you’re really interested in, make sure to be as professional as possible and be responsive whenever the recruiter tries to contact you regarding your application. Who knows, it might be the defining moment whether you’d be shortlisted for the position or not.

3. Ability to communicate effectively

In almost any industry, having good communication skills is also one of the top things recruiters look for in a job candidate. During a job interview, for instance, you’ll most likely be asked about yourself and why you believe you can take on the role. Remember, recruiters pay attention to how you describe your past experiences and what skills or qualities you highlight. These details are crucial to help them further gauge your suitability for the job while also getting a glimpse of who you are and how you work as a professional.

Further, being part of an organization means you’ll be coordinating and working with others, so having good communication skills is a good quality of a competent candidate. Make sure to emphasize this in your job search tools or during your job interview.
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