5 Unconventional (but Effective) Ways of Landing a Job

Over the years, employers have witnessed a myriad of changes in the job market. Jobseekers understand the strong competition they are now facing with hundreds of applicants for each job. There is an apparent need to stand out and be unconventional.

You probably know the drill of applying for jobs and how to prepare for job interviews. But, most employers are now beginning to appreciate unique individuality and people who can offer them something different. It may sound abstract but it important to show your potential to your prospective employer?

Here are some tips on how to do exactly that and land your next dream job.

1. Be vulnerable

Most employers appreciate a competent applicant who is not a know-it-all. There’s got to be room for mentorship and improvement. Show your appreciation of the company’s ability to groom you as a professional in the industry. Acknowledge that you’re not only there to contribute but because you believe in the company’s overall vision. Show your vulnerability while working with your colleagues by sharing your admiration for their work and seeking their advice. Be proactive! You may take this approach when working with people at companies you would love to work for, even before they have a job opening for you.

2. Save your dream job for later

It’s tough to “follow your passion” or “pursue your dreams” in this economy. But, this doesn’t mean that you should just work for the sake of working. What it suggests is you have to start somewhere instead of waiting to get the dream job.

You won’t be the head software engineer or the project director in an instant. Does this mean that it won’t happen for you? Of course not! The best thing you can do is to apply for a position in line with your dream job and enjoy the process, learn each step of the way. Invest your time and effort in a place where you can gain substantial experience in the career you are pursuing.

3. Play the long game

Don’t apply for a job as soon as you find it. It’s advisable to do your research and study the nitty-gritty parts of the industry. This means that you read and gather all necessary information about the company, the job position and how you will approach the game. Strategize and be one step ahead. Some job-seekers make a call or send an email to someone working in the office before formally sending an application. The message includes questions about job qualifications, highlights of working in the company, and some tips for a potential applicant like you.

4. Go the extra mile

Let’s say you’ve scored an interview with a company and you’ve already done your research. It’s time to go the extra mile to show that you’re the best fit for the job. Yes, you can answer the questions in the interview fluently and effectively. But perhaps you can also give your employers a preview of how it is to have you part of their team? For example, if you’re applying for an engineering post, you may propose a detailed and practical solution to a longstanding problem in the company. If you are seeking a product management post, create an elaborate presentation of a new product idea. The list goes on. Your creative strategy would depend on which skills the company is looking for and what you want to highlight the most.   

5. Learn how to listen effectively

You may think that job interviews are supposed to be about you. However, it’s more of a two way street. Job interviews are also about the company you are applying for and how they can collaborate with you for mutual benefit. Learn how to listen effectively during a job interview. Show that you know when to talk, when to stop talking, and when to ask questions. This ability to know how to listen effectively conveys many skills including competence, patience, and humility.

To wrap up, you don’t have to be limited to the standard job application process. Think outside the box and try something a little different to make your application stand out and get noticed.

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