A Guide to Job Hunting When You Are Unemployed

Job hunting can be a nightmare, especially if you are unemployed during the search. In fact, landing a job when unemployed is one of the hardest nuts to crack in career journeys. Statistics shows that over 50% of available vacant positions often go to people who are working and searching, while just about 16% of these vacancies go to unemployed candidates. If you’re in the latter situation, life may seem unfair to you.

In reality, however, being unemployed leaves a “gap” on your resume and LinkedIn profile, making it seems that you’re less of a “hotcake” in the job market in the eyes of your potential employers. The truth is, the gap created by unemployment can make a job search more challenging for you as you may be considered inactive. So, if you’re unemployed and job hunting, it is imperative that you take deliberate actions that will make your search successful.

In case you are currently unemployed and you’re looking for useful tips that can make your job search easier, here are some guides for you:

1. Keep a positive mindset and remain focused

Rejection or non-response following series of interview is a common phenomenon when job hunting. So don’t take it personal. Rather, see it as part of the process that will eventually land you your dream job. This is not the time to engage in self-pity and accept whatever comes your way. Instead, keep your chin up and focus on achieving your desired job with self-assurance.

2. Fill the gap with volunteer job

As earlier established, employers often have higher preferences for working candidates than unemployed candidates. In order to increase your chances of getting your dreamed job, it is more strategic to fill your unemployment gap with volunteer job. This will make you feel active and involved. Volunteer work also helps to keep your skills sharp, making you feel more confident and energetic during interviews.

3. Expand your network

The fact that you’re unemployed, and needs a job to keep body and soul together is the more reason why you should expand your network. It is important that you attend industry events so you can stay in touch with people in your field. Let your friends and fellow professionals know your employment status and seek their help. You can ask questions such as; “Do you know of anyone who might need someone with my skills within their organization?” People in your network can link you up with potential employers.

4. Stay up to date with events and technologies

When out of job, it is very easy to become isolated and lonely. This can make you lose touch with current realities in terms of new technologies and available vacancies in your industry. It’s important to stay in touch with other job seekers so you can have the latest information on hiring trends, current openings, and new recruitment techs.

5. Seek professional help

When your resume doesn’t get you enough interview invites as expected, you may need to seek professional help from resume consultants. Or if you find it difficult to push through several interviews, then it may be that you need interview coaching to up your game. Whatever the case may be, try to seek help if you feel your job search is taking too long. Professionals can help you improve in areas where you are weak.

Where to Seek Help

Try Bossjob now if you’re unemployed and need to get a new job. Bossjob is a tech firm with team of experts dedicated to helping job seekers land their dream jobs. Meanwhile, it is recommended that you bookmark this page for future reference in case you’re currently engaged and not job hunting. Since we live in a world of uncertainty, the article might come handy in the future in case of any eventuality.

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