Work from Home vs. Work in Office

The debate on which is a better option between “work from home” and “work in office” has been an intense one in recent years. Of course, the rapid advances in technology have made communication without boundaries a reality of today.

Today, members of a team and their supervisors can now work remotely and share their results in real-time across different geographical boundaries. This seemingly ease of the work-from-home model has made many workers to start contemplating between working remotely and working in the office.

In case you’re currently seeking new job, but have been faced with the indecision to choose between work from home and work in office, we enjoin you to read on. No doubt, after going through this content, our analysis of the two options will help you make an informed decision at the end.

Now let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of work from home and work in office using factors such as: commuting, flexibility, dress code, work environment, and salary.


Work in Office: In the Philippines, it takes an average of 2 hours a day for workers to commute to and fro their workplace. This may have negative impacts on your productivity as well as reduce your job satisfaction.

Work from Home: The work from home model does not require the daily back and forth commuting. This gives you ample time to accomplish more tasks. This may give you job satisfaction as you can now spend the time you would have spent in traffic jams with your friends and family.


Work in Office: A 9-5 job requires that you follow a standard routine or regulation set by the management. Everything you have to do concerning your daily tasks must fall within the office hours even if it is not convenient for you. This means whether the office hours fall within your most productive hours or not, you have no choice but to comply with the established standard.

Work from Home: When working remotely, a worker enjoys absolute flexibility to create his/her work schedule. This means you can schedule your work to fall within those hours when you have the most energy to work more effectively. Of course, you will be more productive at your tasks if you work at those hours when you’re most alert and energetic.

Dress code

Work in Office: Most profession or industry would expect you to come to the office dressing according to a dress code, or at least, formally. Hardly, will you see any modern business that will allow you come to the office in ripped jeans and loose t-shirts. Of course, you will be going against the ethics.

Working from Home: On the other hand, working remotely comes with the flexibility of wearing any dress you found comfortable while attending to your tasks. You can decide to sit on your bed or on your personal work table all day long while still in your pajamas. No one will ever query your decision.

Work environment

Work in Office: One of the beauties of working in an office is that the environment is usually conditioned to support performance. Thus, there will be little or no distractions.

Work from Home: Distraction is a major challenge with work from home. Even if you have a separate work space in your home, you cannot be totally immune from those household chores, as well as those unexpected visits from neighbors, friends and family members.


Work in Office: Even if an office worker earned equal salary with a remote worker, the former may end up having lower purchasing power since a huge chunk of the income goes into the daily commuting to and from the office. 

Work from Home: Although salary scale is often equal for workers under these two models, remote workers may earn higher in some instances since their employers often spend less on overheads. Some companies that employ remote workers may decide to top-up their workers’ salary with part of the money they saved on office space, water, office accessories, power, and other office essentials.

In reality, both the work from home and work in office options have their pros and cons. Hence, the tips highlighted on this page can only serve as a guide. Your final choice will depend largely on your individual needs and lifestyle. 

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