3 Ways to Find Job Faster Using Technology (Plus Why You Should Search for Jobs Online)

In this age and time, where everything happens in a speed of light, job seekers must adopt the right approach to job search if they want to stay on top of their games. The truth is such leverage can only be found via technology. With the increasing rates of unemployment and new hiring landscape in the Philippines, and elsewhere in the world, smart job seekers must leverage technology to stay ahead of competitions and to be able to find jobs faster.

Technology has come to change both the job search and the recruitment processes in the Philippines. And if you don’t follow the trend in the labor market today, finding your desired job, may take longer than anticipated. So, if you’re job-searching in the Philippines, it’s important that you learn tech-driven tips that can help you find a job faster.

In case you’re currently on a job search and you need tips on how you can leverage technology to find jobs faster, here are the 3 ways you can find jobs faster using technology.

1. Leverage job search mobile apps

Given the increasing rates of unemployment, recruiters can receive a large number of applications in just a short period of time, especially when it’s a hot job. Therefore, you need to be super fast with your applications if you want to secure interviews with hiring managers on any advertised job vacancy. Today, there are several mobile-friendly job search apps such as Bossjob designed to quickly connect job seekers to recruiters and hiring managers. By using the right job app on your mobile device, you can easily apply for any job anytime, no matter where you are. 

2. Make use of job sites

Job sites are an excellent resource for job seekers looking for faster ways to get their dream jobs. These sites offer you a wide range of avenues to position yourself for job opportunities. Apart from the obvious benefit of enabling you to search for multiple jobs, these platforms also allow you to create a resume for free, upload your own resume, create an online profile and custom searches, as well as get notifications as soon as recruiters sent you a message. If you can take your time to build a strong profile on some popular job sites you can easily attract recruiters to yourself in no time. Using technologically driven tools like Bossjob allows job seekers to easily network with hiring managers or people who can help get their resume seen by the right people.

3. Apply for jobs instantly with resume

Always have your resume ready in different format so you can send it across to recruiters as soon as the opportunity arises. Sending the hardcopy of your resume or retyping it on the different job platforms each time you have a job opening opportunity can be time-consuming. This can delay your application form getting to the hiring manager on time. However, with advanced technology, you can upload your resume to job sites. All you need to do is upload it directly to the job site you’re using and you can then send your application instantly to the hiring manager.

If you’ve paid close attention while reading, you will observe that the three tips discussed above are all online-based strategies. This is because advancement in technology has now made it far easier and cheaper for recruiters to source and engage candidates via online platforms than offline. In a similar manner, the Internet offers you a far greater opportunity to find jobs than physical approaches nowadays. Thus, most available job-aiding technologies are online based. This explains why you should start seeking your job online if you hope to find it faster.


The competition out there is too high for job seekers. The number of candidates competing for the limited spaces is unimaginable. Therefore, any job seeker who is serious about getting a job faster must be ready to make use of the potentials offered by technology. 

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