How to Start the Job Search

College days are over. Being awake all night long due to your tedious thesis and arduous homework are already the things of the past. The good news is that your efforts are soon to pay off. You are about to join the workforce and savor the fruit of your endeavor. But jumping on to the corporate world is not easy if you don’t know how to market and sell yourself to your target company. So, start the job search by employing these 5 tips to landing your dream role.

How to Start the Job Search : 5 Steps to Getting on Board

1. Craft your compelling resume and cover letter

The best thing to do when writing your resume is to tailor it based on the requirements of your target job. Don’t send a generic resume. It’s because trying to target every job using one resume means hitting nothing. On the other hand, crafting a resume specific to the job demands you’re applying to will give your profile a strong appeal to employers. The same principle applies to writing a cover letter. So, if you want to really sell yourself as a professional, you need to tailor your resume and cover letter by matching the job requirements with your skills, internship experience, qualities, and other professional matters.

2. Create your profile on job search networks

 Now that your resume is ready, start the job search through the right medium to let employers find your profile. You may build your online profile on Bossjob to be discovered by recruiters. So, start using a free resume template to speed up your process and get found easily by your target company. The key is to maintain an active presence to always let employers notice you. In addition, you will get notified about job openings related to the keywords you chose for your role. Thus, it will make it easy for you to be up-to-date with the latest job vacancies.

3. Reach out to your college connections

 You might not be aware that you can be just 2 people away from your dream job. So, try to reconnect with your college networks to discover job hiring opportunities. Networking with alumni can help you navigate your career path with ease. Some of your colleagues might be in a company where you can find job openings related to your field. Also, speaking with alumni who work in different industries can make you assess your preference as a fresh graduate before you even start the job search.

4. Attend job fairs

 Having an access to personally meet multiple employers at a time is a good way to quickly land a job. You’ll get lots of options on the floor. So, don’t forget to bring plenty of copies of your resume. There are instances that you’ll be interviewed on the spot and will get an immediate response regarding your job application. Therefore, before going to a job fair, be sure that you already did a research on the effective interview tips and be prepared for the possible questions.

5. Maintain a professional social media presence

Some hiring managers do a background check on their applicants through social media platforms. For sure, you don’t want to be seen as drunk in your profile picture. Some other things that can hurt your chances of getting a job are provocative videos or photos. You can set your posts in private but letting the recruiters see some of your professional activities is a big plus to your chance of getting the role. Have you attended a leadership seminar? This is one thing that can attract the hiring manager’s attention.

These are the essential tips that will help you start the job search in the quickest possible way. If done right, you are sure to have a significant edge over other candidates who are aiming for the same role. So, start first by building your impressive resume now to effectively demonstrate your best potential to employers.

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