Why You Should Step Up Your Job Search during the Holidays

If you’re considering to postpone your job search until after the new year, think again! Most people assume that looking for a job during the holidays is pointless as employers are busy to hit their business goals or clearing their annual leave. Or maybe they just do want to deal with the possible rejections during the holiday season.

However, the holidays are actually a good time to scout for a new job! Here are the reasons why:

1. Good time for networking

The holiday season is time where you will be going to the church or attending family functions.Meeting with previous business associates, distant relatives, and other social acquaintances is common during this time of the year. Take this opportunity to reconnect with those you lost contact with. Get ready with your career pitch and with a wider network of people knowing about your job hunt, you increase the possibility of getting new job opportunities.

2. Less competition

Well, you are definitely not the only one who considered to postpone your job search until next year. Most people would rather spend time with their loved ones than looking for a new job. With less applicants, there is less competition. Chances on landing on that dream job is higher now.

3. Most people quit their jobs during the holiday season

Surprisingly or not, many people choose to resign or leave for other opportunities near the end

of the year. Whether it’s waiting to receive their holiday bonus and then bailing out, or on the lookout for greener pastures in the new year, positions that weren’t previously open tend to become available during this time of year. An unexpected employee departure can leave a company struggling to fill the void. Positions like these are hot, and employers often look to fill these as soon as possible because not doing so can affect the company’s progress.

4. It’s budget alignment season!

Whether companies posted vacancies or not, trying may be worthy! December is usually the time for companies to project needs for the next year, perhaps there will be new positions open up for application. Of course, you must have the capabilities and skill sets the company is looking for as well.

5. It shows you’re serious about your job hunt

While most people are enjoying the holidays, it’s easy for you to stand out from the crowd by networking, making calls to recruiters or companies you are keen to join. Don’t stop your job search over the holidays since it’s a good chance to show the potential employers your determination and the willingness to keep trying when others are taking a break.

6. Keep your momentum

Like a weight loss journey, taking a break from your diet or workout plan and then trying to go back on track a month later is harder compared to when you first started. Don’t let yourself slip up and keep up with all the effort you put in before!

7. January is the busiest month for hiring (historically)

As the year is coming to an end, companies are looking for potential candidates for the upcoming year. If you have been actively reaching out for job opportunities throughout December, they will surely remember you!

December may be a time for reconnecting and fostering more meaningful relationships with your loved ones and dear friends. However, considering it as an opportunity to enhance your career and light up that path to what you define as success.

Stepping up your job search in December won’t do you bad. By staying active during this time, you are staying ahead of the competition.  December is the time to take advantage of and get in front of hiring in January when companies get their new hiring budget.

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