7 Job Search Productivity Hacks

Job hunting can be tiresome if you work hard for it without a structured approach to guide you. Working smart is indeed much better than working hard. So, you need to have a job search productivity hacks to streamline your job application process and land a job in the most efficient manner. Here are the 7 job hunting hacks for you to land a job faster.

Job Search Productivity Hacks: What You Need to Know

1. Create an action plan and stick to it

Don’t let your day be filled with just random tasks which you will do based on your irregular energy spikes. This will make you lose significant amount of time which you could have used for more important and urgent matters. Thus, have a list of things to do for the day to keep your momentum which in turn can save you time. These can be assessing your skills, compiling your training certificates, and organizing your work experiences on your resume.

2. Network with other professionals

Actively sending your applications to hiring managers’ emails is a lot of hard work. On the other hand, creating your online resume on Bossjob will help you apply quickly to jobs in just a few clicks. Also, online job portals can help you get found easily by employers by putting your resume in front of a bunch of recruiters. So imagine that employers are already seeing your profile while you are out there doing some other important things.

3. Boost your application with a cover letter

A cover letter complements your resume. The former serves as supporting details for your qualifications. Hiring managers will find your application more professional and serious if you have a cover letter. The main purpose of job search productivity hacks is efficiency. So, craft a strong cover letter to grab their attention and piqued their interest in your qualifications. The next thing that will happen right after that is you’ll get to the interview door.

4. Create your profile on job portals

Networking is important not only to businessmen but also to job seekers. You may join online communities of professionals from various industries or from the same field as yours. Your connections can help you get to where you want to be in no time. Thus, try to reach out to them because there might be job openings in their respective companies that match your qualifications.

5. Create a job interview cheat sheet

Don’t take a risk in your job interview. Other candidates can be more prepared than you. You’re not the only one who is aiming for that position. So if you go to the battleground unprepared, expect that you might lose the first round of the competition. Therefore, before coming over for a job interview, make sure you’re ready to properly answer all the possible questions based on your research.

6. Turn on your job alerts

Online job portals usually have features for job notifications. You just need to turn it on for you to receive regular updates on the latest job hiring opportunities relevant to your qualifications. The keywords that you used upon building your online profile will determine the types of job vacancies you will receive through email. So you just need to check your inbox to discover job vacancies that match to your expertise.

7. Set goals

Having a to-do list is not enough. You should already have targets in mind. So, the list should also comprise of actions that will help you get closer to your goals. Remember: A goal should be measurable. Do you plan to apply to 5 companies every day? Then track your submitted applications, responses, and interview dates. Take your commitment seriously by putting these dates on your calendar.

Now that you know these job search productivity hacks, it’s time to apply your knowledge and see the result. These practices can help you make the most of your time. It’s because the time you’ll save upon following these job search hacks can mean landing your dream role fast. Yes, you’ll get there. You just have to do it faithfully and trust the process.

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