5 Main Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Job

Job hunting should be treated as if you’re already working. This means that you have to be serious in every detail. From writing your resume to speaking with the hiring manager in a job interview, giving your best shots is a must. One mistake can make you lose the job opportunity. Since other candidates are vying for the same role, you should know how to have an edge over them. Otherwise, you will be included in the majority who never get hired because you’re not aware of the mistakes you make in your applications. All of which are non-negotiable to the hiring managers.

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Job

1. Your resume is generic

Let’s start with the first document from which your potential employer can get ideas about you. Many job applicants fail at this first stage. They don’t even get the chance to speak with the interviewer for them to prove themselves. One of the common reasons is not tailoring their resume. A tailored resume allows you to show to your target company that your qualifications fit the requirements in their job post. Thus, if you just craft a generic one and use this to apply to different roles, you’re not hitting anything.

2. You don’t have personal branding

Imagine this. Among the 20 applications received by the hiring manager for one job opening, how can you make a difference? You might also have the same skills and level of experience as other candidates’. Likewise, their cover letters might look like yours. Many applicants just copy cover letters from the internet and just tweak it a little bit. That’s why majority of applicants don’t get a job. So, don’t be a copy-paste ninja.

3. You lack preparation and research

If a professional singer like Lea Salonga would rehearse for her singing performance, why are you not giving value to job interview preparations? The point is that no matter how good you are in your field of expertise, doing preparations is part of winning the game. Attending a job interview without making yourself ready to answer possible questions based on your research can waste your chance of getting the job.

4. You don’t show enough interest and excitement

Your interviewer can sense your lack of enthusiasm for the role you’re applying for. You don’t have to be passionate to create that positive vibe. You just need to be at least interested and excited for the responsibilities of the position. No one wants to hire someone who is just after the paycheck. Sure, we need money to survive. But for employers, they would prefer someone who is enthusiastic at work to those who are just going through the motions. 

5. You’re not proactive

One of the major reasons why most job seekers are not getting hired is simply because they are not qualified. If you’re one of them, don’t get discouraged. It does not mean you’re not capable of making ways to land your dream job. If you think you still lack the necessary qualifications, you can enroll to a short online course to develop your skills. Then do a freelance job for a small fee to practice what you learned. Endure first the small income. Your goal is to employ the skills and become really good at it. That will boost your qualifications for you to finally get the job you want, soon.

These things can warn you to be smart on your next move in finding a job. You don’t need to have the most number of credentials among the candidates to win the offer. It’s not always the case. Don’t be one of those job hunters who always miss the opportunity. Therefore, consider the five reasons above to change or improve your approach to job search. Doing so will help you get what you truly deserve.

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