5 Tips to Find Legit Home-based Jobs

An office job or remote work? Some people choose the latter. Common reasons are to avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam and have more time for loved ones. Just imagine that you don’t have to spend hours commuting every day. Aside from saving precious time, you can also reserve your energy to do other things that matter to you. As you shut down your computer, you can go biking right away or do any activity that makes you feel alive. Also, you can accomplish your tasks at home without stress after commuting. However, finding a legit home-based job takes careful consideration so you can avoid scams. Here are ways to find a legit home-based job.

1. Research the companies

When you see a job posting, don’t send your resume yet despite being interested in the challenging role and attractive offer. Check the company profile first. The details might already be in the post itself. But you have to do your research on other sites as well. You can also look for reviews from their employees. Gather as many details as you can from various platforms. You can even use social networking sites for verification. Be resourceful. It’s because they might also be using fake accounts to post reviews.

2. Know the signs of a job scam

There are obvious signs that a remote job is a scam. Some of those are unprofessional email and vague job requirements. In addition, if you get asked about your personal information upfront or required to pay for something like software or a service, you bet it’s a scam. Legit companies never ask any applicant to purchase anything. Aside from these signs, a salary offer that’s too good to be true for doing simple tasks is one of the red flags.

3. Avoid get-rich-quick ads

It’s different from a salary offer that’s too good to be true. Get-rich-quick ads promise you to make big money in a very short time period with no significant effort. Usually, they offer it as a business. But there are also those who mask this opportunity as a job that will allow you to earn big commissions. Consider their keywords carefully if there are big promises that only require little effort. If so, don’t fall into the trap of sharing your profile with them.

4. Question the communication

Let’s say you already took all the steps above. You found that the company background is good and there are no signs of a scam in their job listing. Then their HR representative reached out to you and invited you for a job interview. However, they want to conduct the interview by email or instant messaging only. Chances are high that it’s a scam. No professional hiring manager is too lazy to speak with you over the phone to carefully assess your qualifications. Also, one reason is that they are afraid of the questions you may have. They think that will help you find out their fraudulent activity.

5. Stay informed

Be aware of what’s happening around. Watch the news or read articles on credible sites. They will not compromise their reputation by carelessly publishing fake information. Stay informed about the legit home-based jobs that might be posted by trusted channels and reliable recruitment platforms. By being aware of the latest news, you’ll have ideas on where to build your resume so you’ll get connected with headhunters with legit online opportunities for you.

If the thought of working from home excites you, then these tips will help you find a legit home-based job. Telecommuting allows you to save time and money. Also, you’ll have more control over how you work so long as you can produce quality output and meet deadlines. So, which one is for you? Working from home or working in an office?

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Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

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