Product Release Notes – July 2023

Bossjob product release

Version - 31 July 2023

General: Bossjob is available in Japan & Indonesia

We have extended our services to talents and companies in Japan and Indonesia.

Talents can view jobs that are located in Japan or Indonesia or remote jobs open to both markets. Users will be able to view the salary in local currency and filter jobs based on location cities and districts.

Employers will be able to post jobs to hire local talents and use a set of local configurations – currency, salary range & locations. Employers can also view talents from these regions and reach out to them on Bossjob.

General: Get Started with QR Code

Logging on to your Bossjob account on the web just got much easier. Simply choose login with QR code and use the scanner on Bossjob APP to authorize.

General: Live Chat Support Available in APP

We have upgraded our customer service system to serve you better. You can now get instant support through live chat on both Bossjob APP and the website. Our customer service team is online to answer any questions you might have from Monday to Saturday 10AM to 7PM (GMT+8). We are working to expand our customer support capability for users at other timezone, stay tuned!

General: Expanded Company Information

Company information just got a major upgrade. We expanded the information that an employer can display to talents on the company profile page. Company financials are added to display relevant financial information about the company and business information including relevant business ID and operational status is shown. This will help companies build trust with potential candidates and speed up the decision-making process.

Talent: Improved Experience for Bossjob Web

Bossjob is a user-centric product and we are always listening to your feedback. We have zoomed into the details and updated the user experiences in many areas:

The search field is able to distinguish between job titles and company keywords, making the search result more relevant. In addition, you can now filter jobs by region.

We will let you know the distance between your home and the work location if you have updated your home address.

We expanded the company information to help talents gain a holistic view before making important career decisions.

We added more filters for users to narrow down the company search. Be it MNC or start-up, users can find a list of suitable companies and view the job openings.

Version - 8 JUNE 2023

General: Get Started – New UI & Sign-in Method

  • New UI
  • Removed LinkedIn option due to reliability issue
  • Added phone number as an alternative option

Boss: Automated Greeting Reply (Premium)

Premium account users can set up auto-response for new greetings coming from talents.

Version - 25 May 2023





Talent: Send Resume to any E-mail

Talents can send their resume attachment to their own email or any employer’s email

Talent: Export Resume with Bossjob Template

Talents can export their online resume using the Bossjob templates. We have 2 templates available now, stay tuned for more resume templates!

Talent: Auto-send Resume

After initiating a greeting with the hiring boss, talents can set up an auto-send feature to send their resumes automatically to the boss when they say hi back.

  • When Boss says hi back,

Boss: New Automated Reply

Boss can enable a customized message to send out automatically when you label talent as not suitable

Version - 20 April 2023

Bossjob Web

Find jobs and talents in Singapore – Bossjob is available in SG

For Boss

Post a job in SG – use local cities/districts, addresses, and currency.

Search talents in SG – find talents who are currently located or prefer to work in SG.

Change your preferred hiring country to SG – the default country selection will change to SG, but you can still be able to select PH when you are posting jobs or searching for talent.

For Talents

You can now access job opportunities in Singapore. Visit to find out more!

Send & receive job offers

Employers can send job offers to talents directly through our chat feature.

Bossjob APP

Boss/Talent: Send & Receive Job Offers

Boss can send job offers to talents via Bossjob chat now.