Recruitment Platform Bossjob Launches a Tool for Headhunters to Easily Spot Their Ideal Candidates

A Tool that is Beneficial to Duterte’s Legacy Campaign – Job Creation

MANILA, Philippines, Feb. 7, 2020 — Bossjob, one of the leading professional job portals in the Philippines, launches its new product, “Bosshunt“. This is the first platform in the region built specifically for headhunters. In conjunction with Duterte administration’s efforts in job creation, headhunters can now effortlessly connect with multiple talents and companies through Bosshunt and match them quickly.

“Bosshunt is a management tool where headhunters can now manage all their resumes efficiently instead of doing it manually on different platforms,” said Wei Wen Chai, Marketing Manager at Bossjob. “It’s a one-stop portal for employers looking for headhunting services and job seekers who wish to be headhunted aims to solve the inefficiency in the recruitment industry.”

headhunters can manage resumes and candidates’ profiles within a single platform.

This cloud-based platform allows headhunters to access their candidate database anywhere safely. They can assign resumes under different pipelines and filter by candidates’ statuses such as shortlisted, reviewed, and more. Personalized tags can also be added for easy reference.

Through its smart recommendation algorithm, Bosshunt ensures that the resumes headhunters received are relevant. Statistics on various hiring channels and resumes aggregated from different sources are available on its dashboard to give headhunters more insights for better allocation of their resources.

With Bosshunt, headhunters are able to upload resumes in bulk either in Excel, PDF or Word format. They can also export these resumes in standard templates that are easy to read or ready to be sent to clients. The amount of time saved by headhunters translates to a faster service for their clients which will turn into good business relations.

In fact, over 50 headhunters from 2 leading recruitment agencies took part in the beta testing during the development of Bosshunt. “Bosshunt is built by the headhunters for the headhunters,” said Wei Wen.

With more than 19,000 companies on Bossjob including Wells Fargo, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Family Mart, having headhunters on board will realize its vision of closing the gap between employers and job seekers in the hiring of professionals.

Bossjob is a job hiring portal for professionals in the Philippines. Launched in 2017, its mission is to make job search and recruitment easier by providing user-led features that help job seekers and employers to find the right match.

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