Bossjob hits 2.9M registered users in the Philippines, secures US$5M in venture funding

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PHILIPPINES, June 1, 2023 – Bossjob, a chat-first, AI-powered hiring platform in Southeast Asia, attracts over 2.9 million registered users in the Philippines. Bossjob has also successfully secured US$5M in venture funding to boost its globalization efforts for more users in the region.

Bossjob will be venturing into Singapore and Indonesian markets this month, with the Hong Kong market in plan for the third quarter this year. It also anticipates serving 30 million users in Southeast Asia by 2026. 

Leveraging on artificial intelligence technologies and big data, Bossjob is focused on improving the recruitment efficiency by providing direct chat and AI-powered precise talent matching between active talents and companies on Bossjob’s mobile application.

To further drive its expansion goals, Bossjob is offering free trials to companies this year. This strategic move aims to facilitate growth and establish strong partnerships by allowing companies to experience its new features without financial constraints.

Bossjob co-founder and COO, Kiat How Quak says, “Some firms rely on headhunters, but their high commission rates, typically 20-30 percent of a hire’s annual salary, pose a significant burden for small and medium-sized enterprises.”

To date, more than 10,000 companies in the Philippines are using Bossjob, including Accenture and Foundever


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About Bossjob

Bossjob is a chat-first, AI-powered hiring platform in Southeast Asia. Bossjob is the first online recruitment mobile software in the world to introduce an online direct hire model and precise talent matching on a global scale. This allows bosses and talents to communicate directly via chat. The Bossjob mobile app is available to download for free on both App Store and Google Play.

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