Bossjob shares insights for jobseekers to navigate through the rapidly evolving job market

Bossjob at Graphic Expo 2023
Bossjob team at Graphic Expo 2023

PHILIPPINES, 17 July, 2023 – Bossjob, with its core product strategy of direct chat and hire, helps job seekers to navigate through the rapidly evolving job market amidst the technological landscape. Keeping up with technological advancements, Bossjob empowers jobseekers to anticipate and prepare for changes in the creative job market. 

During The Graphic Expo 2023, Bossjob had the opportunity to address the growing concerns of creative professionals about the near future. Creative professionals should learn to stay ahead of the curve and ride the waves of change: 

New canvas for the creative industry 

The creative industry has seen its fair share of change – from the introduction of algorithms and social media ads which placed huge emphasis on augmented reality experiences and user-generated content, to a new shift in content consumption – characterized by the popular term ‘infinite scrolling’ culture. Authenticity remains crucial in content creation, where customers value genuine experiences in the clutter of content. The emergence of AI and automation, such as ChatGPT, has also since revolutionized content creation and user interactions. 

Professionals will have to embrace and adapt to these emerging trends in their work to remain relevant.

Rise of new opportunities 

With such technological advancements, comes the demand for such roles. Creative roles like UI/UX designers, content editors, marketing professionals, e-commerce specialists and influencers have seen growth and popularity over the years. Currently, such creative roles take up 10% of Bossjob’s total monthly new job openings, with attractive salaries ranging from P20,000 to P87,000. 

Valuable skills such as proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, expertise in content creation, influencer marketing and social media ads analysis are becoming highly sought after by creative companies. Increasingly, ChatGPT and Midjourney are also used strategically to propel companies in this digital age.  

Staying ahead of the curve

Having a skills-first mindset, learning to upskill and cross-skill are essential to cope with the recent changes in the job market. Creative professionals should constantly develop their skills in order to stay relevant in the job market and take advantage of the opportunities that come their way. For example, a graphic designer could up-skill to attain UI/UX skills or cross-skill to learn data analytics, which would greatly value-add in their line of work. 

Though the future is uncertain, boundless opportunities remain open and creative talents must learn to ride the tides of tomorrow. 

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About Bossjob

Bossjob is a chat-first, AI-powered hiring platform in Southeast Asia. Bossjob is the first online recruitment mobile software in the world to introduce an online direct hire model and precise talent matching on a global scale. This allows bosses and talents to communicate directly via chat. The Bossjob mobile app is available to download for free on both App Store and Google Play.

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