Bossjob provides job market insights and helps to bridge SEA talents to new Japanese market

PHILIPPINES, 31 July, 2023 – Bossjob will be expanding its chat-first career platform for professional hiring to the Japanese market, in hopes of facilitating the job match between Japanese companies and its 2.9 million talents. 

“Japanese companies exhibit a high demand for talent. We aim to meet this need by providing efficient talent services that prioritize superior user experience,” Bossjob’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Anthony Garcia added. 

Newly onboarded Japanese companies can expect a limited-time free subscription plan that allows them to gain access to the diverse pool of talents and hire seamlessly for an enhanced user experience – through Bossjob’s AI and direct chat model.

However, the decision to expand to Japan was not made overnight. 

Japan currently faces a talent deficit despite a growing demand for recruitment, where the IT industry experiences most of the crunch. The talent deficit could worsen from 160,000 to 790,000 by 2030, as projected by The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. 

The Japanese Cabinet thus recently announced an expansion to the scope of the Specified Skilled Worker 2 (SSW-2) visa, which allowed foreign workers with proficient skills in various industries to work in Japan. It is increasingly clear that China and SEA are becoming the main sources of quality talent, where 66% of such foreigners had obtained Japanese high-technology work visas in 2019. 

Bossjob understood such changes in the local job market and aimed to bring an enhanced recruitment service to the Japanese market, by bridging local companies to quality talents – Bossjob’s Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Kiat How Quak shared. 

“In this ‘talent war,’ recruiters are placing increasing importance on the quality and matching efficiency of talents from online recruitment platforms, providing an opportunity for the implementation of Bossjob’s globalization strategy,” Kiat added. 

Bossjob’s AI-powered and direct chat-first model caters to the recruitment needs of various industries with its diverse pool of regional talents. Through the in-app direct chat feature, employers and talents can communicate anywhere on-the-go, reducing recruitment friction and improving overall efficiency. Big Data and AI are also utilised to optimise job-talent matching accuracy, maximising its match rate and user conversion. 

At present, Bossjob’s talent engagement rate exceeds 80%, a company response rate from 60% to 80% and a job match rate of around 50%. 

Bossjob’s next goal in sight would be to venture into the Hong Kong market in Q3 and aims to reach over 30 million users in SEA by 2026. 

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About Bossjob

Bossjob is a chat-first, AI-powered hiring platform in Southeast Asia. Bossjob is the first online recruitment mobile software in the world to introduce an online direct hire model and precise talent matching on a global scale. This allows bosses and talents to communicate directly via chat. The Bossjob mobile app is available to download for free on both App Store and Google Play.

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