Bossjob enters Singapore market and holds its first public showcase at the Business Show Singapore 2023

Bossjob at Business Show Singapore 2023
Bossjob team at Business Show Singapore 2023

SINGAPORE, September 1, 2023 – Bossjob, a leading chat-first AI career platform connecting job seekers and employers, announces its entry into the dynamic Singapore job market. Simultaneously, it unveiled its first-ever exhibition at the Business Show Singapore 2023, offering a limited-time free subscription plan for employers and showcasing its AI talent matching features.

Following its strong growth in The Philippines with over 2.9 million registered users and servicing 10,000 enterprises, Bossjob has set its sights on Singapore. While the market isn’t what it used to be, there are now more challenges than a crowded market. As of 2021, Singapore reported 19,000 unfilled positions in the technology sector, with projections indicating the necessity for an additional 1.2 million digitally skilled workers over the next three years to mitigate the talent deficit. At the same time, tech jobs have been cut around the region with major tech companies announcing multiple rounds of layoffs.

Bossjob’s bold move into the Singapore market

“Having successfully built our presence in the Philippines and in China, we are extremely excited to be able to bring our game-changing platform into Singapore. We have currently established three main plans to fully leverage the striving ecosystem in Singapore and to further cement our position as a leading chat-driven job portal in Southeast Asia.” said co-founder and COO, Kiat How Quak. The strategy involves team and workspace expansion, hiring local talents, and a focus on research and development to improve its product and services.

As Bossjob continues to expand in Southeast Asia, Bossjob is looking to expand its team with more experts and talents to develop and provide better products and services for consumers. Hence, in addition to looking to onboard more new hires in areas including business development, marketing and engineering-related roles, its office, headquartered in Singapore, has moved to a bigger workspace to welcome a bigger team and help facilitate its growth.

Secondly, Bossjob is actively expanding its local team to better serve the Singapore job market while strategically enhancing its recruitment services. Concurrently, the company is  intensifying brand awareness initiatives to secure a more significant market share in Singapore. Lastly, with a primary focus on research and development, Bossjob is committed to continuous improvement and enhancement of its products and services, aiming to strengthen its core competitiveness in the market.

Singapore’s Talent Market as Bossjob’s Expansion Ground

With Singapore being the second fastest-growing market in the Asia Pacific, only second to Australia, in terms of the number of recruitment agencies, choosing Singapore as its next location for expansion almost comes as a no-brainer for the team. Nonetheless, in such a saturated market crowded with talent, structural challenges such as a mismatch of talent skills and jobs in Singapore are inevitable and are still one of the main causes of short and medium-term unemployment in Singapore.

“I believe that with Bossjobs’s fundamental strength lying in its combination of AI-driven intelligent matching and direct chat functionality, the unique blend of solutions positions us to swiftly establish a strong competitive edge in Singapore, where we can capture a larger share of the talent market.” emphasized Kiat.

In light of the recent tech layoff from global tech companies including Google, Meta and Twitter, the prevailing tech winter affecting multiple tech startups and companies has become evident. This challenging period has witnessed a significant slowdown in business growth and investment, resulting in layoffs and a slowdown in recruitment across the tech industry. However, Bossjob remains resilient in the face of these industry-wide challenges, given its unique positioning that not only caters to the hiring of tech talent but also talent across all industries. 

Despite the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) reporting signs of cooling labour demand in Singapore, the total employment rate was observed to have grown in the first quarter of 2023. Fueled by globalisation, Bossjob is constantly diversifying its consumer demographics,  reaching beyond global tech companies. The platform’s reach also caters to industries including traditional manufacturing and emerging retail among many others, that are on the lookout for hiring more talent within their organisation. With a commitment to advancing its talent pool and profiles, Bossjob anticipates maintaining its vitality and resilience in the evolving landscape.

Looking ahead: Future Plans for Bossjob

Bossjob’s strategic roadmap for 2023 revolves around strengthening its core capabilities and reinforcing its technological and data prowess to facilitate future expansion. “Our objective is to ensure an enduring capacity to serve both global and growing enterprises, and individuals, offer unique regional corporate solutions, and maintain a competitive edge in addressing client essentials.” said Kiat. While Bossjob charts its path toward global reach, it aims to amplify its capabilities in pivotal domains including commercial viability, scalability and perpetual innovation. Bossjob pledged to uphold a flexible, forward-thinking strategy to ensure success within the dynamic global business landscape. 


About Bossjob

Bossjob is a chat-first, AI-powered hiring platform in Southeast Asia. Bossjob is the first online recruitment mobile software in the world to introduce an online direct hire model and precise talent matching on a global scale. This allows bosses and talents to communicate directly via chat. The Bossjob mobile app is available to download for free on both App Store and Google Play.

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