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Job portal improves arduous job hunting process by enabling job seekers to get faster responses from employers

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, November 22, 2019 — A common pain point among job seekers in the Philippines is the slow response rate from recruiters. After finding a relevant job vacancy and submitting an application, it is cumbersome and disheartening if the employer takes a long time to provide an update. Bossjob seeks to solve this problem with its online chat feature. Job seekers can now talk directly to their potential next employer to get updates, discuss job details, and further highlight their fit for the role- without even having to leave the Bossjob platform. This makes job hiring more efficient for both sides.

The chat interface is as it should be- fast and user-friendly — the standard features of blue ‘message read’ ticks, users’ last seen times, emojis — are all there. Job seekers can also see recruiters’ average response rates for greater transparency. What’s more, candidates can easily provide links or attachments for the employer, such as updated resumes and portfolios. This streamlines the communication between job seekers and employers, who no longer need to continually check their emails for updates; they can see their messages immediately, on the Bossjob portal.

Bossjob's Direct Chat helps job seekers to to find their next job faster.

The ability to initiate a conversation with their potential employer empowers job seekers with greater control over their job search and career trajectory. Direct Chat is an opportunity for candidates to initiate follow-ups on their job applications, and learn more about the finer details of the role. With timely responses to recruiter messages, job seekers have a chance to demonstrate their motivation for the job. In one study, 100% of the hiring managers participating, agreed that job seekers should follow up on their applications; 43% stated that the ideal follow-up time is 1 or 2 weeks after the job application date.

“Beyond speeding up the job hiring process, an advantage of Direct Chat is that it’s less formal than email correspondence but still professional,” explains Anthony Garcia, Co-founder and CEO of Bossjob. “It helps to facilitate a conversational tone that enhances the connection between talents and the hiring personnel. This helps job seekers to find the right job quicker.”

Bossjob’s simple chat feature gets the job done; Filipino professionals can now find their next job faster than before.

### is a job hiring portal for professionals in the Philippines. Launched in 2017, its mission is to make job search and recruitment easier by providing user-led features that help job seekers and employers to find the right match.


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